kitchen & bath remodeling
since 1980 under same license 388213
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    "Excellent, Superb, Beautiful, Full-Satisfaction, Perfect"
     These are the words many construction companies
     describe themselves with.

    Has Christy Construction performed in such manner?

    Before boasting of all the achievements we have made,
    we rather remind ourselves of harsh tasks, painful huddles,
    and agonizing surprises we had to overcome during
    the course of performing works.

    We believe only experienced discipline and hardened
    knowledge will prepare ourselves to take challenges with
    confidence, and come out with the fullfilment worthy of
    being praised by clients.



   We try to keep our company small in size, in order to maintain
   the attentive energy and focused strength.
   Our task-forces are consisted of seasoned workers.
   We emphasize only on each worker's integrity and competence

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